The tools you need to plan your vacation


The websites and apps recommended in this article can help you plan your trip by finding low-cost flights to plan your budget, booking great accommodation, and most importantly, having fun on the way.

1. Kayak

Advantage: It allows you to easily compare flexible dates so you can find the best days to fly.

Description: Kayak is a standard flight search engine where you prefer your destination and travel dates. If you mark “flexible date”, it will present an easy-to-understand design to show you the cheapest dates to fly.

Tip: After using the kayak to find the cheapest flight, go to the airline’s site and see if booking is cheaper. Sometimes it is and other times it is not.

2. Hipmunk

Advantage: Agony-scale balances with shopping, plane changes, etc. cost you time to weigh in with your money.

Description: Hipmunk is the search engine for your flight when you enter your destination and travel dates. It presents the flights on a timeline to compare the duration of the trip with the prices. It has an algorithm for judging the “agony factor” and classifies flights accordingly. But it presents information to help you decide for yourself the level of agony you are willing to pay for at the lowest price.

Tip: You can choose to classify flights only by price or by any other factor. The scale of agony puts everything in perspective.

3. Seat Guru

Advantage: It will help you choose the best seats for the flight (or avoid the worst!)

Description: Enter the airline and / or flight number and show good seats, bad seats, mixed review seats and regular seats. You can use this chart to choose seats for your flight when booking or making an entry.

Tip: Choose your seats so that you have the best choice when booking, but check back from time to time if better seats are available.

4. Travel Advisor

Advantage: Read other travelers’ opinions about accommodation and attractions. The site also categorizes accommodation and attractions by categories and locations for easy comparison.

Description: just enter your destination and what you are looking for (i.e. hotel, tours, restaurant …) and it will give you a list.

Tip: Check review dates. Changes in management can make a huge difference; so even though the four-star rating is overall, if the reviews over the last six months have been overwhelming, you might think twice. Of course, it works the other way around too – low-star ratings can have great reviews.

5. Universal package list

Advantage: The UPL includes a packing list and a preparation list according to the parameters of the trip.

Description: Go to and enter all the details of your trip – dates, climate (it has a close link to get good information), activities, travel mode, accommodation style, bag size. , etc. It will provide you with a specific packing list and preparation list for your trip.

Tip: don’t do it at the last minute. You will be amazed, especially on an international trip, with all the things you need to do and forget about it. For example, did you plug in enough to charge all of your electronics (and it seems like we’re traveling more and more today!) The night before?

6. Sworkit

Advantage: An app with untrained workouts to help you keep fit while traveling.

Description: Choose the type of workout (strength, cardio, yoga, stretching) and the time you want to do the exercise. It offers a circuit-style session with exercises that can be done in a small space without equipment (i.e., a hotel room).

Tip: Going for a run in a new city can also be wonderful. But a quick workout in your room is in free mode.

Price: A free plan is enough to keep you going, but there are also paid options.


Advantage: Provides easy access to foreign exchange rates

Description: The app is easy to use. Simply enter the amount, the currency you have and the currency and conversion you want to convert. You can set up several different currencies if you travel to different countries and enter the amount of one currency and see all the currencies in the list. It can be useful when you are crossing the border and need to change money if you want to change the border or decide to wait for a better lower fare online. Or if you carry American dollars and euros and need to get some Kenyan celery, you will see which currency will be more beneficial.

Tip: You have a handy tool like this on your phone to quickly convert food items, accommodation prices, tour budgets, and more.

8. A quarter of an hour

Advantage. Share hidden gems with travelers and get secrets too.

Description: You use your smartphone’s GPS signal to determine where you are. For easy and quick analysis. You can read the advice of other travelers, read reviews, photos and your own advice.

Tip: Link Foursquare to your Facebook account, your check-in will automatically appear as a status update to share with friends and family.

These tools will help you get the most out of your trip, saving money on flights, getting packages, getting the best seats, finding great accommodation and finally returning home with your loved ones. What are your favorite apps or websites you use to plan or enjoy your trip?